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seem to be doing their job. u.s. attorney d.c. d.c., can't have a higher investigator than that -- district of columbia, can't have a higher investigator than that. >> reporter: issa's probe caught her by surprise. >> not only did i not know about it, you would have thought as a courtesy i would have been given some notice, but the staff of the committee didn't know about it until the press release came out. >> reporter: meanwhile it appears sulaimon brown is fully cooperating with the agencies investigating his allegations. this morning he was called to the fbi again. did they ask you to bring anything? >> can't comment. >> reporter: did you bring anything? >> can't comment on that either. >> reporter: we also caught up with mayor gray at a ceremony to recognize d.c.'s use of green energy, but he didn't want to talk about the controversy. >> i want to stay on this, okay? i talked about the house last night. i want to stay on this. this is a good news story and i want to stay with that. thank you. >> reporter: congresswoman norton says she spoke to chairman issa today by ph
. >> we begin with the crisis in libya. the u.s. military is joining other nations with air attacks. we have video cued up showing tomahawk missiles being fired. the air assault is being called operation odyssey dawn. thanks for joining us at 10:00, i'm will thomas. >> and i'm maurine. france are main players in the operation using sea and air fleets to attack. steve is in tripoli with the latest. >> reporter: this is one of the first tomahawk missiles launched from a u.s. navy destroyer in the mediterranean. more than 100 fires, their target is libya's air defense systems. a senior u.s. official says the strikes severely disabled them, clearing the way for air patrols by french fighter jets to cripple libya's air power. moammar gadhafi vowing revenge, staying arms are being opened to let people defend the country and threatening to attack military and civilian targets in the mediterranean region. the mediterranean and north africa will become a real war zone because of this irresponsible act and all countries interest in the reason will be in danger starting from now because of this m
if we can get anybody in there. >> reporter: the chief of the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission said today that all the water is gone from a pool at fukushima. if that is true, it means there would be nothing to stop a potential meltdown. however, the japanese are saying tonight that that is just not true. either way u.s. officials are recommending anyone within 50 miles of the nuclear plant evacuate now. shawn. >> laura evans, thank you. dr. timothy jorgenson, chair of the radiation safety committee at georgetown university medical center joins us tonight. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> let's begin with the human impact. the japanese government is ordering people not to come within a 12-mile radius of that plant. the u.s. is urging americans to stay at least 50 miles from that damaged reactor. what is the risk to the people of japan in the 50-mile radius and even those further away say in tokyo? >> i think the immediate risk to the people is that one of these nuclear power plants will have a meltdown and there will be a large emission of radioactivity and i think the risk d
tripoli tonight. a top commander says u.s. coalition forces will accelerate attacks on gadhafi's fighters in the coming days and hours. also tonight libyan leader moammar gadhafi is speaking out, fox 5's e ever following today's developments. >> this is actually gadhafi's first public appearance in a week. libyan state television broadcast what it said was live coverage of gadhafi's statement. in short he said in the short term we'll beat them. in the long term we'll beat them. gadhafi's attacks on civilians in misrata continue today. tonight we're learning more about the circumstances surrounding the cash of the u.s. fighter jet in lybia -- crash of the u.s. fighter jet in lybia. the pentagon believes mechanical failure caused an f- 15 to cause near benghazi monday, the fighter jet on an air defense mission when it went town. the pilot and weapons officer -- down. the pilot and weapons officer ejected safely. >> one crew member was recovered by coalition forces. the other crew member was recovered by the people of lybia. were the u.s. led coalition forces are extending the no fly zone, t
president obama spoke about the u.s. led attacks on lybia and the enforcement of a no fly zone. he says the u.s. will soon relinquish control of the operation. >> we anticipate this transition to take place in a matter of days and not a matter of weeks. >> reporter: and in no uncertain terms the president also said moammar gadhafi has to go, but the u.s. commander in charge of the operation warns the libyan leader could remain in power by the end of the military operation. >> and so i could see accomplishing the military mission, which has been a sign to me -- assigned to me, and the current leader would remain the current leader. >> the only favorable strategic outcome is gadhafi gone and some form of stability reestablished in a country that right now is facing a protracted civil war. >> reporter: coalition forces have launched about 125 tomahawk cruise missiles at strategic military locations including part of gadhafi's own compound, but commanders say gadhafi is not a target. the u.s. also a says coalition jets are now expanding knot fly zone and strikes have stopped gadhafi -- the
, over more than a decade. >> police in new haven, connecticut, say u.s. marshals arrested the suspected east coast rapist on a city street in the middle of friday afternoon without incident. back in december of 2009, investigators from four different states concluded through dna evidence that one suspect had been raping and attacking women since 1997. new haven police identified the suspect as 39-year-old aaron thomas. >> he was charged with sexual assault in the first degree. burglary in the first-degree. and risk of injury to a minor with a $1 million cash bond. he was also charged as a fugitive of justice with charges of two counts of rape, abduction, and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony in the first degree. >> the prince william county case is the most recent of the attacks. on halloween 2009, three teenage girls trick or treated in this dale city neighborhood, then were accosted by a man with a gun and marched into nearby woods. two were raped. police established a website and billboards in an effort to spark leads. a tipster called and when he discarded a cigarette
as the crisis in libya spirals out of control. the u.s. and pentagon are taking action. they are putting more pressure on moammar gadhafi. laura. >> these are new developments tonight the senate unanimously approving a resolution condemning guess and cyst maleic violations of human -- systematic violations of human rights in libya. they are looking at imposing a no fly zone over libya, all that as the u.s. military is on the move. >> u.s. navy war ships are headed to the mediterranean. that announcement was made tuesday. >> i have directed several navy ships, to the mediterranean, uss kir sarge and duponce will provide us for evacuations and humanitarian. >>> hillary clinton says the u.s. is not taking any options off the table when it comes to dealing with libya's uncertain future they are considering everything from supporting growing humanitarian crisis caused by thousands of libyan refugees to more hotly debated topics whether to push for a no fly zone over libya. >> arguments favour it, questions raised about it but it is under an act of consideration. >> the un has not authorized a use
this illuminates the issue since you've already got the u.s. attorney's a office and the fbi looking at -- attorney's office and the fbi looking at it. our attorney general's office will help coordinate this, but we'll cooperate fully. >> reporter: the committee on oversight and government reform called sulaimon brown to capitol hill early last week. after a 3 1/2 hour meeting with staff members we asked brown what investigators wanted to know, but he wouldn't comment on what went on behind closed doors. were they asking you the same questions you've been asked before? >> well, i won't get into the specifics of what they asked and what they're looking for, but i will say that i'm doing my best to cooperate fully. >> reporter: the committee's chairman representative darrel issa issued a statement thursday saying, "committee investigators have spoken with individuals inside and outside the district government and have made unsuccessful attempts to interview key figures close to the mayor including his former chief of staff." but mayor gray says he and his staff have not been approached by investigato
targeted a libyan airfield sunday and other u.s., british and french planes attacked moammar gadhafi's ground troops near the opposition strong hold of benghazi. >> we now have the capability to patrol the airspace over lybia and we are doing just that into a more consistent air presence. the no fly zone is effectively in place. >> reporter: rebels in benghazi welcome the international military actions against gadhafi forces. some of them danced on destroyed tanks. the u.s. and other coalition countries launched the military operation yesterday after the united nations authorized all necessary measures to protect civilians in the northern african country. >> we have seen the people of lybia take a courageous stand against a regime determined to brutalize its own citizens. >> reporter: u.s. officials say there have been no reports of civilian casualties, but today the head of the arab league criticized the international mission saying the strikes have gone beyond what the league had supported. >> translator: what happened differs from the no fly zone objectives. what we want is protec
, but i could not see the direction of the town. >> reporter: meanwhile, u.s. search and rescue teams arriving in japan, and helicopters delivering emergency supplies to survivors. the u.s. state department has issued an alert suggesting americans avoid travel to japan until the situation is stabilized. adam housely, fox news. >>> there are 422 nuclear reactors in operation world wide. 55 are in japan. six have been having problems since the earthquake and tsunami. the explosion in one of the reactors happened in the secondary containment area of the instruct, the area below it is intact at this point. what does it mean if there's a meltdown and what happens? here's more. >> the worst case scenario is the rods fuse together, they melt together in a mass, that bursts through the containment mechanisms and exposed to the outside. radio activity into the ground, water, and some could carry to the west coast of the united states. >> japan officials working to make sure that does not happen. the u.s. has 104 racketers. all american plants were built to with stand national disasters in the
's support for the people of japan. >> reporter: the u.s. has begun support to japan, the government going above and beyond. >> like all americans, i continue to be heartbroken by the images of devastation in japan. >> reporter: families are separated unsure if their loved ones made it and in some cases families are separated because of the nuclear danger. in this photo a mother talks to her daughter through a barrier, the daughter isolated because of possible radiation contamination from fukushima's nuclear plant. >> we also have dispatched subject matter experts both reactor experts and an expert on emergency response. >> reporter: officials from the u.s. department of energy and the nuclear regulatory commission are working to determine how to keep the nuclear reactors from melting down. >> in particular, they have asked for additional types of equipment that will help provide water and other resources to ensure the reactors continue to be cool. >> reporter: as officials rush to japan's aid and the body count rises, survivors face conditions that become more challenge day. they're conse
the wheel. assistant u.s. attorney john soroka asked the judge to impose a 20 year sentence for the disregard that ajene jones showed especially after prior traffic and substance convictions. the defense asked for mercy. >> ajene jones addressed the court turning his head slightly toward the spectators and saying to the family i am truly sorry, then turning back toward the judge adding i hope one day they find it in their hearts to forgive me. superior court judge thomas motley was unmoved grimly pointing out the defendant had been arrested 13 times in the last 10 years, had been convicted five times and had been forbidden to drive. the sentence 20 years. >> the real enemy in my opinion is not mr. jones. i think the real enemy is the easy access to drugs and i think that until and unless we can do something to stem the tide we'll have unfortunate tragedies like this again. >>> developing news tonight out of lybia, president obama will deliver a primetime address to the country on monday to explain his decisions on the libyan war. the president has been under fire from member
on the mall. u.s. park police officers are all over the place and most of the buildings and museums have their own security. here's what we know. about 5:15 this evening park police say a man was walking in the garden located between the hershwin museum and the smithsonian capital emergency. two men pushed down the victim and tried to rob him by rifling his pockets but didn't get anything and took off down independence. police tell us this is the first time in years they have seen an attempted robbery of this kind and in the middle of the cherry blossom festival with the greater number of tourists in the city, the timing is especially bad. >> several years ago we did have some robberies in the mall. our detectives closed these cases successfully and they were prosecuted. we haven't had any serious crimes against persons in several years here. we have a pretty low crime rate through here. >> the victim was hurt when he was pushed down and was treated at a local hospital. there's no lookout information since the men were wearing masks. >> did police canvass the mall in the area where the m
the u.s. in was cans. in the '90s, she ran for u.s. senate in new york twice and lost in the democratic primaries. >> in december of 1998, i was diagnosed with a blood cancer, multiple myeloma. >> she revealed she had a form of blood cancer and became a tireless advocate raise awareness into her disease, refusing to give into cancer, she worked on hillary clinton's failed presidential bid in 2008 and shoo voluntarily resigned after being accused of making alleged remarks to a newspaper about then-candidate brama, who she -- barack obama, who she said would not have been successful if he was white or a woman. she was not a racist but she was upset. >> i feel very bad for people who, who thought was a racist. i really do and this has been the worst three weeks of my life. >> reporter: when sarah palin was chosen as mccain's running mate, she said it was wonderful to see a woman on the national ticket, noting she didn't want to be the only one. two years later, they met in person on election night in 2010. in the role that political analyst for fox news. >> and that opportunity that i and
. the u.s. air force has rushed in coolant. still japanese officials say they may have to release vapor that's slightly radioactive. thousands nearby have been evacuated. evacuations began about 3:00 in the noon the day before along northeast japan's coastal area when an 8.9 quake struck, one of the large nest modern times. buildings shook, then collapsed trapping some in the rubble. chaos reigned as thousands ran for cover and fires broke out up and down the coast, the worst in refineries and if that wasn't enough, then a tsunami struck, a 23-foot powerful wall of water sweeping away everything in its path, homes, cars, even ships. it may be days before we know the numbers, but as many as 1,000 are believed dead, tens of thousands injured. in the aftermath millions are without power. communication and phone lines are down, travel out but impossible. trains no longer running, flights delayed and canceled, airports a temporary home for stranded passengers, many of them foreigners. >> it happened about an hour before we landed. so we didn't know anything about it until the pilot said we c
welcomed an investigation. former u.s. attorney did i gee november aced it had to be independent of the -- digenova said it has to be separate from the u.s. government. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office issued the following statement saying it takes any allegation of public corruption very seriously. it says the office typically does not confirm or deny the existence of investigations and says that at this time the office has no comments on the allegations in this matter. lorraine green and howard brooks did not return our phone calls. sulaimon brown says he's well aware he could be found guilty for accepting the cash. adrian fenty was unavailable for comment. i'm karen gray houston in the fox 5 newsroom. >>> you're fired, warner brothers officially pulled the plug on the charlie sheen circus today ending his run on the successful cbs show two and a half men. tmz obtained this 21 page document warner brother lawyers sent to sheen and his agent. it says sheen's wild partying, repeated hospitalizations and his bitter media campaign after the show was put on hiatus led to his
for the district of columbia or the u.s. attorney who investigates matters like this. the u.s. attorney is a appointed by the president, confirmed by -- is appointed by the president, confirmed by the united states senate and this is what we're going to ask him tomorrow on wtop whether he is going to do this inquiry. mr. nathan is of the highest integrity, but it probably should be done by the u.s. attorney. >> i think a lot of reporters probably are going to ask him that very same question. you know i'm wondering. if he, in fact, did this why would mayor gray make this kind of deal? >> it makes no sense. it's not only the criminal implications of paying somebody off, but politically it's just plain stupid. this guy got 209 votes. he was never a political threat. he was really considered on the campaign at best a distraction and so why would you even deal with him and why would you even talk to him? >> but is this unusual at all to even offer someone on a campaign trail a job? i know it happens on the federal and local levels. we don't talk about it as much, but it does happen. >> it do
,000 japanese troops, the uss ronald reagan aircraft carrier and other u.s. ships coming into the area and other international agencies. the roads impassable is a mammoth job ahead. >> we have the ronald reagan closing on japan right now. we're sending another amphibious ships so they can be used for helicopter operations and humanitarian assistance and relief. >> reporter: greg palka, fox news. >> the u.s. was not untouched by this either. there is significant damage in two california communities. in crescent city, near oregon, amateur view of an 8-foot wave crashing in. one man was swept out to sea and 35 boats were damaged. south of san francisco in santa cruz, a surging sea crumbled docks and sent boats slamming into each other. 20 sank, 80 more damaged. the witnesses couldn't believe what they were watching. >> boats sinking and crunching underneath the bridge, separating the upper and lower harbor and on my boat, i almost had a sunken boat wedge up underneath my boat. >> and despite the damage, there was enough warning and people were able to get to higher ground and no one was hurt here.
funerals to publicize their belief the u.s. is being punished by god because of its tolerance of homosexuality. >> everyone ought to appreciate this and you ought to all be thanking us for that heavy lifting we just did in there. >> reporter: in october, 2010 albert snyder's lawsuit against the westboro church's founder fred phelps was heard and argued before the supreme court, but the question before the supreme court was not are the westboro church protests distasteful. on that point even the majority opinion indicated they are. the question was are they protected forms of free speech under the first amendment? for the majority chief justice john roberts wrote as a nation we have chosen a different course to protect even hurtful speech on public issues to ensure that we do not stifle public debate, but in his dissent justice samuel alito wrote our profound national commitment to free and open debate is not a license for the vicious verbal assault that occurred this this case -- occurred in this case. american university law professor steve black. >> the real bottom line toda
and d.c. now u.s. marshals took thomas into custody at his home in new haven, connecticut, this afternoon without incident. we expect to learn more at a news conference tomorrow. 14 years he evaded police striking in four states including virginia, maryland, connecticut and rhode island. police put together some composite sketches, but it took them a while to realize the crime were connected by dna. last month they set up a website and they also put up billboards asking the public for help. police tell us it was an anonymous tip to led them to him. they put him under surveillance several days and when thomas was out smoking a cigarette, he dropped a cigarette butt. investigators took that butt to a lab, tested it and found the dna was linked to the crime scenes they believe he is a suspect in. at this point in time we expect to learn more from the police in connecticut sometime tomorrow morning at a news conference and we are also learning there may be other -- they are thinking there may be other cases out there that he could be linked to. >> incredible developments today
of all aerial operations. robert gates expects a draw down in u.s. forces in the near future. he maintains no one knows if the operation will be going on at the end of the year. gates says the administration hadn't made a decision yet on whether to supply them with arms. gates said libya didn't pose imminent threat to the u.s., but there was other reason to go in, including fragile relations between the east and west. >> potentially destabilizing event taking place in libya that put at risk, potentially, the revolutions in both tanezia and libya. >> reporter: the white house is facing questions as to why get involved in libya, yet stay out of places like syria? secretary of state hillary clinton said each situation is unique. >> the u.k. and france were the ones who went to the security council and said we have to act, because otherwise we're seeing a really violent upheaval with a man who has a history of unpredictable violent acts right on our door step. >> reporter: when asked whether qaddafi will stay in power, gates said, i wouldn't be hanging pictures in i were him. >>> my
consequences for our young people. >> reporter: 3 million students in the u.s. say they have been pushed, shoved, even spit on. sometimes parents are the last to know. >> they don't always tell us every little detail. we know that from sasha. sasha's response is what happened at school today? nothing. >> reporter: so it's not just the white house, it seems a lot of washington is focused on bullying. at the department of education a new technical assistance center to help schools fight bullying. at the department of health and human services there's a new website and at the u.s. capitol new legislation to keep schools safe. >> the good news is people are stepping up and accepting responsibility. they're refusing to turn a blind eye to this problem. >> reporter: the first lady says adults need to not just accept responsibility, but lead the way. >> when we take the time to listen and give to each other, the benefit of a doubt in our own adult lives, that sets an example for our children. >> reporter: now on our website
are being spent. >> reporter: the food safety oversite in the u.s. is inconsistent and inefficient. 15 agencies oversee food safety. a number that house republicans now seem determined to reduce. a former colleague concurs. >> you have a lot of cooks in the kitchen. this committee needs to drive an outcome. >> reporter: you can illustrate the confusion with an egg. the fda is responsible for shell eggs but once it's broken and becomes an egg product a different agency becomes involved. an animal plan inspection service watches over the health of a chick. on to the confusing system, a bottle of wine comes under the jurisdiction of the alcohol and tobacco tax and trade bureau. grapes if imported under the department of homeland security. fish under the national marine fisheries and service unless it's cat fish in which case the fda takes precedence. it's a confusing system. >> they like to keep their committee they don't look to see what the next subcommittee is doing. the overlap continues. >> reporter: there is a move for consolidation, but critics fear not at an expense. >> unless the
of state hillary clinton praised nato for taking over the no fly zone even though the u.s. hoped the a lips would have agreed to take full control of the mill -- alliance would have agreed to take full control of the military operation. attacks on the ground will continue to be done by the coalition led by the u.s. day. you have a problem with dropped calls or weak signals? we'll have the details next. >>> apps sparking new privacy concerns, the first positive milestone in the job market, neil cavuto with your business report. >> oil taking a breather while the violence in lybia is not letting up. the price of crude is staying pretty calm thursday as we approach one week of airstrikes on lybia, but since the unrest began oil prices up close to 25%. better news from the jobs market helping boost the overall stock market the dow rising 84 points. the rally comes after reports showing the number of people filing for jobless benefits actually fell last week now at the lowest level in over 2 1/2 years, but companies not stepping up buying big ticket
cents in just one week. the u.s. energy administration says the jump is the largest in history outside of hurricane katrina. crude oil prices are being driven higher because of the revolt in lybia. oil workers there evacuated cutting back the supply. john hoffmeister joins us now, the former president of shell energy and citizens for affordable energy. thanks for coming in tonight. >> thank you. >> we hear the rise in gas prices is tied to lib, why but less than 1% of the oil we -- lybia, but less than 1% of the oil we import come to lybia. is this just the oil companies taking advantage of the little guy? >> no. it's actually a very integrated process where the u.s. gets its oil off of the global crude oil marketplace. anything that affects the global crude oil marketplace is going to affect refineries, wholesalers and retail stations straightaway. it just happens because the retailer at the end of the line needs to have enough money in his cash register to pay for the next delivery of wholesale gas which is going to be more expensive tomorrow or next week. that's why prices go up. >>
shift goes to the u.s. attorney who is appointed by the president, confirmed by the senate and is truly the only independent entity right now that seems to me qualified and suitable to investigate him. the mayor is having a press conference tomorrow. i saw him today at the fancy metropolitan club. he's spending a lot of time answering questions. i'm spending time on this tv station talking about his problems and we should be talking about something else and i'm sure he wants to talk about something else, but he got himself in this predicament. >> last question for you, maybe a one-word answer. how serious is this for vincent gray? serious or not serious? >> two words, very serious. >> very serious, all right. mark plotkin, political analyst, again reporting on your station tonight. thanks for helping us sort through all this. >>> the udc spending scandal started with tape. if you have something you want -- a tip. you have something you want us to investigate, once again we direct you to our fox 5 d.c. web page, click on news tips in the top right corner of our homepage.
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